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Full Stack Senior Developer

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I have 5+ years of experience in software programming. Nowadays, I fully cover all my needs with the technologies that I became familiar with. Moreover, I still keep searching for new opportunities to solve the tasks in a different ways. IT-world tempered and made me flexible for different points of view. It also requires to be fast and to learn new types, modules, and approaches every day. However, it is not something boring, it makes me better and I like that. No bad habits. Only fresh and eager mind.

My personal qualities: high communication skills, technical competency, work ethic, flexibility, eager and willing to get new knowledge base and skills, critical thinking, teamwork, time management, strategizing, multitasking, decision-making, self-starting ability, timeliness and dependability.


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Senior Full Stack Developer

  •  Project: OwnDoctor
  •  Jan 2019 - Present

Overview: Telemedicine web app development for French and Austrian private clinics

Technologies: JS React

Common tasks:
- Chat development on WebSocket;
- Integration of payment systems, API drugs, insurance systems.

Team: 10+

Senior Front End Developer

  •  Project: Event Mobile App & Admin Panel
  •  Aug 2017 - Dec 2018

Overview: Event mobile app web admin panel development for management events. Oriented on Czech, Russian and Ukraine users.

Technologies: ReactNative, PHP Laravel 5, VueJS, Node.js, FireBase

Common tasks:
- Mobile application development (ReactNative);
- Development of admin panels for the application: PHP Laravel 5, VueJS;
- DataBase: FireBase + push notifications for mobile app.

Team size: 5+

Full stack Developer

  •  Project details are under NDA
  •  Sep 2016 - Jul 2017

Overview: Scholarships searching web app development. Oriented on US users.

Technologies: React.js, PHP Phalcon

Common tasks:
- the front-end and back-end parts of the projects;
- creation and support of the new timeline;
- new functionality and improve the work of the old one;
- database development.
Team size 10+

Full Stack Developer

  •  Project details are under NDA
  •  Oct 2015 - Aug 2016

Overview: Online web app development of dating for members of the LGBT community. Oriented on LGBT community users from different countries.

Technologies: React.js, PWA, Firebase Cloud Function

Common tasks:
- the front-end part of the projects;
- creation and support of the new timeline;
- Chat development on WebSocket;
- Serverless: creating and supporting cloud functions using Firebase services.
- DataBase: FireBase + push notifications.

Team size: 3